Cancer patients are better able to heal and recuperate when they can get the comprehensive care they need close to home.

Unless absolutely necessary, no patient should have to travel on a plane with a compromised immune system or spend hours in the car after a tough appointment, navigate unfamiliar hospitals, or be burdened with communicating with many doctors across multiple cities and states and perhaps, time zones.


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Comprehensive care comes home.

For over 45 years, we have provided meaningful grants to enhance patient care, facilities and technology, and to support ongoing clinical education and medical research. Our Leading with Care campaign is generating support for the Brian D. Jellison Cancer Institute so that cancer patients in our community won’t need to leave home to receive comprehensive care. Together we can help SMH deliver the caliber of cancer care expected of any leading cancer center.

Patient Care

Cancer care, not just cancer treatment, is what will set the Jellison Cancer Institute apart. You can help ensure the best patient experience possible and improve the quality of life for people during and after cancer treatment. Your gift can help fund nurse navigation, wellness programs, counseling services, palliative care, and more. With your support, the quality of our cancer care will meet or exceed those of leading cancer centers anywhere in the nation.

Radiation Oncology Center at University Parkway


Helping SMH bring the most advanced technology to our community has always been a priority for the Healthcare Foundation and its supporters. Your support will help the SMH team of oncologists perform next-generation, targeted radiation treatments, minimally invasive surgical procedures, and the latest treatments and immunotherapies.

Clinical Trials

Connecting patients to life-saving clinical trials is another way SMH puts patient care first. Your gift can help physicians identify new treatment options or even help find ways to prevent and detect cancer. Clinical trials also help us improve the quality of life during and after treatment which is vitally important when fighting any cancer.

clinical trials

Top Hospital

Every staff member at Sarasota Memorial is constantly striving to be the best—and their dedication to excellence has been recognized throughout the industry and across the country.

A gift to the Healthcare Foundation’s campaign will help Sarasota Memorial complete the next crucial phase of the Jellison Cancer Institute.



There are many ways to make a meaningful donation to support the Jellison Cancer Institute. Perhaps you’d like to make a gift in memory of a loved one or in honor of someone who made a difference during your stay at SMH. Whether you choose to make a cash donation or leave a legacy gift through your estate or will, your gift, no matter the size, will help SMH complete the next two crucial phases of the Jellison Cancer Institute.

To learn more about ways to give, available naming opportunities, or legacy gifts, please contact the Healthcare Foundation at 941-917-1286.

Your support will help our hospital provide world-class cancer care and bring the latest treatments, technologies, and clinical trials to Sarasota.